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Looking into the mirror

For many the 2020 elections were supposed to be a referendum on Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 virus. Instead they turned out to be a referendum on how much Americans care about the lives of their neighbors and children, racial justice, science, and democracy. That such significant numbers of people voted for white supremacists, QAnon… Read More »

Final push to pass mascot bill in MA legislature

Those who disrespect Native Americans also make asses of themselves. I am passing along this message from the Mass Mascot Coalition ——– Forwarded Message ——– Subject: Re: Request for Action (that will not take you long) Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2020 12:26:39 -0400 From: Mass Mascot Coalition <> Hello those working to eliminate Native mascots… Read More »

Tales and Foot-dragging from the Dartmouth School Committee

Three Massachusetts school districts retired their Native American mascots last week. But Dartmouth was not one of them. On August 5th Barnstable School Committee member Kathy Bent described her town’s decision: “I think it is time to retire the Red Raider as our mascot” she said. “We can take our time coming up with a… Read More »

Dartmouth’s “Indian in a box”

In the last few weeks Aunt Jemima ditched the mammy on its syrup bottles with a press release explaining why images from slavery’s past were no longer in fashion. Perhaps it finally occurred to them they had been selling, as author M.M. Manring put it, a “Slave in a Box.” Uncle Ben’s retired its house… Read More »

Bay State Bigotry

With many white people suddenly taking an interest in structural racism and with Mississippi now about to remove the Confederate bars from its state flag, maybe it’s time for Bay State residents to think about replacing our flag and seal — a white man’s sword hovering over the neck of a Native American. Gone now… Read More »

Choose a side, fix the world

These are interesting times. Suddenly many White people are looking at racism and capitalism with much more critical eyes. In a perverse sort of way, COVID-19 has opened avenues for change and given White people an unexpected opportunity to reflect on how our society fails all but a handful of us. With the economy going… Read More »