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What’s a life worth?

In late March Donald Trump told the press corps, “Our country wasn’t built to be shut down […] This is not a country that was built for this.” Since then Trump seems to have backpedaled on his notion to open the nation for business on Easter Sunday — presumably to the peals of church bells… Read More »

A little light reading

I know many have turned off the news and turned on the music and the yoga tapes. People are doing whatever they can to stay positive and de-stress. Unfortunately, I’m no good at it. For me, having an idea of where I’m heading is the only way to deal with something of this magnitude. I… Read More »

People or profits

The Senate is supposed to reach agreement today on some sort of Coronavirus financial package. There are fundamental disagreements over whether we let families die and slide into even deeper financial ruin while we bail out the travel, hotel, airline, and financial industries; whether we let Trump and Mnuchin access a half trillion dollar slush… Read More »

Thank you for your service

America loves its men in uniform. Policemen and firefighters who responded to 9/11 in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania were celebrated as heroes, as many of them were. Even a generation later, members of the American military — many who fought a war in the wrong country without ever questioning it — are given preferential… Read More »