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Local demands for police accountability aren’t going away

Demands for police accountability aren’t going away in SouthCoast, Massachusetts, no matter what some officials think. In the absence of progress on police accountability in a legislature with a Democratic supermajority, residents have been attempting to address police abuse at the local level. But at every step of the way they have been thwarted and… Read More »

King County WA slaps controls on sheriff

Voters in King County, Washington just amended their county charter. Charter for Justice had endorsed the 7 amendments and all passed. Of note were three amendments to the charter that pertain to sheriffs and a fourth that applies to all law enforcement officers in the County. According to the Seattle Times, the Charter Review Commission… Read More »

Support the Safe Communities Act

On Tuesday, October 20th and Wednesday the 22nd the Episcopal City Ministry will be hosting a Zoom phone bank for the Safe Communities Act. You can find a list of the bill’s supporters here. You can help by participating in, and promoting, ECM phone banking on October 20th and October 22nd. Your organization may also… Read More »

Final push to pass mascot bill in MA legislature

Those who disrespect Native Americans also make asses of themselves. I am passing along this message from the Mass Mascot Coalition ——– Forwarded Message ——– Subject: Re: Request for Action (that will not take you long) Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2020 12:26:39 -0400 From: Mass Mascot Coalition <> Hello those working to eliminate Native mascots… Read More »

Vote Yes on Question 1: Right to Repair

In November each Massachusetts voter will elect a President, Congressman, Senator, state representative, state senator, and a member of the Governor’s Council. Each voter will also be asked decide two ballot questions. Ballot Question 1 “would require manufacturers of motor vehicles sold in Massachusetts to equip any such vehicles that use telematics systems — systems… Read More »

George Floyd’s killing happens right here too

Police Accountability legislation, which was expected to die in the Massachusetts legislature this Summer, has been given a surprising reprieve. In the wake of George Floyd’s asphyxiation murder by a Minneapolis cop, while three others stood around watching Floyd die, the Massachusetts House has been unable to pursue its usual tactics of deep-sixing progressive legislation.… Read More »