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Flip the Senate

They See Blue is a grassroots organization with a mission to mobilize and engage Americans of South Asian origin in the democratic process to help Democrats win Federal, State, and Local races. They have produced a great resource guide on Georgia organizations doing on-the-ground work to Flip the Senate.

Goodbye, Gus!

On November 12th, state committee members of the Massachusetts Democratic Party will vote for a new Chairman. At present the party is led by Gus Bickford, who for years has held the post in conflict of interest with his day job as a political consultant. Bickford recently took his ethics challenges to a whole new… Read More »

The battle for the Senate is just getting started

As the remaining votes in the 2020 presidential election continue to be counted, the math is showing that more than 75 million Americans have had enough of Donald Trump, while 70 million still think he walks with Jesus. Biden’s narrow win over a mentally-ill white supremacist was not a blowout, to White America’s disgrace, but… Read More »


Razor-thin margins of the 2020 presidential election left many Democrats scratching their heads in dismay at the almost 49% of the population who supported Trump, wondering what had gone wrong. In a three hour long conference call, Democratic Party leaders identified their scapegoat — it was progressives who had tanked the 2020 elections for them.… Read More »

Fame and Shame in Bristol County

Legislators are elected to help people. Some think their responsibility stops with constituents; others have a broader sense of responsibility to the earth, humanity, and global concerns. This is who I want representing me. When it comes to immigration issues, I want legislators to take action against the Trump administration’s enlistment of local police in… Read More »

Hail to the Chief

Like everyone I have been watching events of the last few months with horror. I don’t mean the Corona virus, which most civilized nations, even the hardest-hit, have managed to confront with strength, medical science, and social responsibility — while the United States instead has chosen denial, lies, and finger-pointing. No, as bad as it… Read More »

Friedman’s Cabinet

A New York Times editorial by Tom Friedman making the rounds offers specific recommendations for a Biden cabinet. Friedman’s terrible picks deserve both scrutiny and comment. For starters, the “Team of Rivals” approach is even more ill-conceived today than it was in 2016. And backing up for a second, what’s the rush to anoint Joe… Read More »

Great questions for Democrats

As the March 3rd Democratic primary approaches, I have been arguing with just about all of my centrist Democrat friends. It was interesting to come across an essay about the centrist-progressive dispute by Jim Hightower, who may be best known (at least in Texas) as the agriculture commissioner whom Rick Perry unseated. For progressives Hightower… Read More »