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Backroom deal-making in City Council

There’s considerable context to New Bedford City Council‘s decision to offer up a “Blue Lives” resolution at precisely the moment that City residents needed reassurances that Black Lives really do matter. On May 25, 2020 George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer triggered protests all over the country. In New Bedford,… Read More »

King County WA slaps controls on sheriff

Voters in King County, Washington just amended their county charter. Charter for Justice had endorsed the 7 amendments and all passed. Of note were three amendments to the charter that pertain to sheriffs and a fourth that applies to all law enforcement officers in the County. According to the Seattle Times, the Charter Review Commission… Read More »


Razor-thin margins of the 2020 presidential election left many Democrats scratching their heads in dismay at the almost 49% of the population who supported Trump, wondering what had gone wrong. In a three hour long conference call, Democratic Party leaders identified their scapegoat — it was progressives who had tanked the 2020 elections for them.… Read More »

Looking into the mirror

For many the 2020 elections were supposed to be a referendum on Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 virus. Instead they turned out to be a referendum on how much Americans care about the lives of their neighbors and children, racial justice, science, and democracy. That such significant numbers of people voted for white supremacists, QAnon… Read More »

Expand the Court

If Republicans jam through the appointment of an “originalist” judge who is also a member of a cult replete with handmaids, Democrats should expand the Supreme Court. And Joe Biden should start with two new justices. It would warm my heart to see Barack Obama and Merritt Garland on that bench. Of course, not everybody… Read More »

27 Seconds

The Gracia family’s lawyer, Don Brisson, finished a series of presentations last week on Malcolm’s murder. Brisson spent considerable time discussing inconsistencies in detectives’ testimony and forensic evidence collected at the crime scene. Among the more shocking pieces of evidence Brisson released were videos that had been withheld from the public until December 2018. Three… Read More »

New England’s Joe Arpaio

Last year I began working on a profile of Bristol County Thomas M. Hodgson’s associations with far right and white supremacist organizations for The Public Eye magazine. It took a long time to research and write, and even longer to edit, but after Covid-related delays it is finally out and you can read it online… Read More »

Fame and Shame in Bristol County

Legislators are elected to help people. Some think their responsibility stops with constituents; others have a broader sense of responsibility to the earth, humanity, and global concerns. This is who I want representing me. When it comes to immigration issues, I want legislators to take action against the Trump administration’s enlistment of local police in… Read More »

School Resource Officers harm kids, do little to avert mass shootings

Let’s look at the science for a change Police in schools are not a new phenomenon. Apparently the first school police were used in the Fifties in Flint, Michigan. In the 1990’s the Clinton administration created the COPS program which expanded and militarized the police, deepened mass incarceration, and put police in schools to wreak… Read More »

Years after Malcolm Gracia’s murder, questions remain

Introduction On May 17, 2012 15 year-old Malcolm Gracia was shot by New Bedford police. The circumstances of the killing are something that today would receive a more thorough investigation than the Gracia family got in 2012. Following a $500K settlement for the unconstitutional stop that triggered Gracia’s murder, police and DA reports which exculpated… Read More »