Monthly Archives: October 2020

27 Seconds

The Gracia family’s lawyer, Don Brisson, finished a series of presentations last week on Malcolm’s murder. Brisson spent considerable time discussing inconsistencies in detectives’ testimony and forensic evidence collected at the crime scene. Among the more shocking pieces of evidence Brisson released were videos that had been withheld from the public until December 2018. Three… Read More »

New England’s Joe Arpaio

Last year I began working on a profile of Bristol County Thomas M. Hodgson’s associations with far right and white supremacist organizations for The Public Eye magazine. It took a long time to research and write, and even longer to edit, but after Covid-related delays it is finally out and you can read it online… Read More »

SouthCoast Political Calendar

You can subscribe to this calendar in your favorite calendar app and you can always find the latest version at Perhaps not mentioned in the details: The NAACP Branch meeting on Thursday is OPEN TO EVERYONE (not just members) and is hosting Superintendent Thomas Anderson of the New Bedford Schools who will discuss efforts… Read More »

Fame and Shame in Bristol County

Legislators are elected to help people. Some think their responsibility stops with constituents; others have a broader sense of responsibility to the earth, humanity, and global concerns. This is who I want representing me. When it comes to immigration issues, I want legislators to take action against the Trump administration’s enlistment of local police in… Read More »

Support the Safe Communities Act

On Tuesday, October 20th and Wednesday the 22nd the Episcopal City Ministry will be hosting a Zoom phone bank for the Safe Communities Act. You can find a list of the bill’s supporters here. You can help by participating in, and promoting, ECM phone banking on October 20th and October 22nd. Your organization may also… Read More »