Monthly Archives: September 2020

SouthCoast Political Calendar

From now through the election there is a lot happening. I am resuscitating the weekly “Political Calendar” to highlight efforts and groups we ought to pay attention to. You can subscribe to this calendar in your favorite calendar app and you can always find the latest version at

Vote Yes on Question 1: Right to Repair

In November each Massachusetts voter will elect a President, Congressman, Senator, state representative, state senator, and a member of the Governor’s Council. Each voter will also be asked decide two ballot questions. Ballot Question 1 “would require manufacturers of motor vehicles sold in Massachusetts to equip any such vehicles that use telematics systems — systems… Read More »

George Floyd’s killing happens right here too

Police Accountability legislation, which was expected to die in the Massachusetts legislature this Summer, has been given a surprising reprieve. In the wake of George Floyd’s asphyxiation murder by a Minneapolis cop, while three others stood around watching Floyd die, the Massachusetts House has been unable to pursue its usual tactics of deep-sixing progressive legislation.… Read More »

An easy choice

After decades of shielding police from prosecution for the murders of Black and Brown people, and four centuries of systemic racism, many Americans have had enough of police impunity. But state violence is just one symptom of a society founded on white supremacy. The upwelling of protests demanding police reform is not simply about the… Read More »