A little light reading

By | March 28, 2020

I know many have turned off the news and turned on the music and the yoga tapes. People are doing whatever they can to stay positive and de-stress. Unfortunately, I’m no good at it. For me, having an idea of where I’m heading is the only way to deal with something of this magnitude. I am also in the habit of bookmarking some of the articles I’ve read and organizing them into collections. Whatever works…

Science-based articles on COVID-19:

In the following collection I particularly recommend a Vimeo conference Dr. David Price of Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City gave on Mar. 22 in a Zoom call with family and friends on empowering and protecting families during the pandemic. While COVID-19 is 10x more dangerous than seasonal flu, over 80% of all people who contract the virus have mercifully typical flu symptoms.


Trump Administration incompetence:

Trump’s inaction and lying created a 3-month delay in responding to the COVID-19 virus — so named because it was first encountered in 2019. As long as we can still reach legislators, we should be calling them to keep the pressure up on preserving shelter-in-place orders, acquiring and deploying face masks, expanding testing, building respirators, and creating field hospitals.


Evangelicals behaving badly:

From holding up emergency legislation because it would also aid same-sex families, to whining that COVID-19 is God’s revenge on gay people and Jews, to thumbing their noses at shelter-in-place ordinances, some American Evangelical leaders and politicians have invited renewed contempt for their actions.


COVID-19 Legislation:

This is a collection of news articles on recently-passed legislation to help the nation survive COVID-19. Unfortunately, the Trump administration is more interested in saving the nation’s largest corporations than the nation’s human beings. If Trump’s science advisors cannot prevail upon the “stable genius” to keep shelter-in-place rules in place beyond Easter, he will have the blood of many hundreds of thousands of people on his hands.


America condemns its mass-incarcerated to death:

It is particularly cruel to keep people who have almost completed jail sentences locked up in places like Riker’s Island, where COVID-19 outbreaks are sweeping through prison populations that can neither escape nor protect themselves. Our jails and prisons are already cruel enough. Now we are effectively condemning many low-level offenders to death sentences.