Monthly Archives: December 2019

“A little late, gentlemen”

As the United States continues to slide into fascism, I have been rereading Hannah Arendt’s book “Eichmann in Jerusalem,” concerning the 1961 trial in Jerusalem of a war criminal who expressed himself in cliches, was an ambitious braggart, an egregious liar, an ignorant sociopath, someone attracted to and utterly at the service of men of… Read More »


I recently read Ken Hartnett’s Christmas letter about the Ancient Scribe and Dory, his Angel Dog. The Ancient Scribe was right on the money about our capacity to discover humanity in the presence of animals but to completely fail at it with our fellow man. Hartnett’s piece also reminded me of how we treat the… Read More »

The all-white jury

The U.S. Senate consists of 100 senators, 67 of whom must vote to convict Donald Trump in order to remove him from office. Of these, 53 are Republicans, 45 are Democrats, and 2 are independents. One may think that the greatest obstacle to fair proceedings in the Senate is political affiliation. But like most things… Read More »

Notes on Democratic campaigns

Republicans are incredibly on-message at all times, while it’s difficult to determine what the Democratic Party stands for much of the time. For example, Margaret Monsell’s piece in Commonwealth accuses Massachusetts Dems led by House Speaker Bob DeLeo of being more interested in safeguarding incumbent seats than in the professed values of their own party.… Read More »