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Voting with the enemy

At every turn Bill Keating is a huge disappointment — healthcare, foreign policy, cheerleading Trump’s Tomahawk missile attack on Syria. The list of betrayals by the Massachusetts 9th Congressional District representative grows daily. This week Keating and 23 other turncoats parted with fellow Democrats and voted for H.R.3004, Kate’s Law, which the Friends Committee on… Read More »

Red Lines

According to an article in the New York Times, the president summoned his aides to the Oval Office to discuss his reasons for asking Congress for permission to wage war on Syria — not that American presidents feel obliged to follow the Constitutionally-mandated procedure: “He had several reasons, he told them, including a sense of… Read More »

One down, two to go

On Monday, June 26th Mardee Xifaras graciously hosted a Meet and Greet for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Setti Warren at her law offices in New Bedford. Warren spoke to a group of roughly twenty-five visitors about his two terms as mayor of Newton, his military service, Newton’s budget surplus, its improved AAA bond rating, and educational… Read More »

Let them eat cake

White House apparatchik/ consiglieri/ mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway doesn’t think Trump’s famous economic “carnage” is bad enough to throw a Medicaid lifeline to the working poor. Sounding as out-of-touch and cruel as Marie Antoinette, Conway appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and said that jobless Medicaid recipients should just go out and get a job. “If they… Read More »

Slow learners

Today in Science: Politicians may have human DNA Since January 20th we’ve lived in a very different country, one where raw power is everything, character is nothing, and concern for others is seen only when cameras are rolling. But yesterday I saw some quiet, unrehearsed kindness. I saw a politician being a mensch. It surprised… Read More »

Election Night

Georgia Special Election Last night Jon Ossoff lost the Georgia 6th Congressional District special election to Good ol’ Gal Karen Handel. There was, predictably, some crying and finger-pointing but it was generally acknowledged that Democrats need to find a winning strategy. A piece in Washington Monthly advised Dems to stop chasing Romney voters, pointing out… Read More »

ACHA Mystery Meat

You remember it sliding off your lunch tray. They said it was a Sloppy Joe but it could have just as easily been the dead raccoon you saw from the school bus window that morning. Sometimes there was a drumstick shaped thing that might have once been attached to a species of fowl, but it… Read More »

59% of MA Democratic town committees are defunct

Researcher John Cass did a little digging and discovered that only 41% of Democratic Town Committees were spending any money. If you’re not spending even a dime on postage, flyers or web hosting, it’s a pretty good bet that you’re not doing anything. And if you’re not doing anything, a reasonable conclusion to draw is… Read More »

Massachusetts Family Leave Act

Update 6/19/2017:I would like to thank state Rep. Christopher Markey for adding his support to this important bill. What happens when someone in your family is sick and needs you to take care of them? For many families, caring for mom is a labor of love. But it can also mean a crippling loss of… Read More »

An Act of War

There was a vote last Thursday on S.722, “Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017,” a bill which slaps economic sanctions on both Russia and Iran. The vote passed almost unanimously in the Senate, except for two senators with fiercely independent streaks. One of them was Rand Paul. The other was Bernie Sanders. On his… Read More »