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Human Rights: a line in the sand

While Democrats argue whether issues like a woman’s choice really are “core Democratic values” they remain pretty comfortable ignoring the human rights of non-Americans. This week Human Rights Watch documented extra-judicial killings by Egypt’s army – let’s ditch the euphemism and call them what they really are – death squads. HRW is calling on the… Read More »

Which side are you on, boys?

There are a number of things wrong with the Democratic Party. Lack of a 50-state strategy and undemocratic party rules come to mind. Big donors and selling out to Big Pharma say a lot too. Their enbrace of neo-conservative foreign policy and neo-liberal globalism alienated both progressives and Candidate Trump’s supporters. But the thing that… Read More »

They never heard the future calling

When I was a twenty-something, just entering the computer world of the early 1970’s, computer languages to watch were Fortran, PL/1, COBOL, Lisp, Algol, APL, Pascal — and a hundred types of assembly language. Even back then, one language was especially reviled for its ugly syntax — or rather the fact that no one could… Read More »

Put Foreign Policy in State Platforms

Only about six percent of Americans care about foreign policy. Thanks to geography and most of us speaking only English, Americans don’t really engage with the rest of the world – except when we’re pointing weapons at them. Most voters just accept that presidential candidates will formulate their own foreign policy by surrounding themselves with… Read More »

Stop Censoring the Debate

The two month experiment by centrist and progressive Democrats in resisting Trump — while simultaneously trying to fix their troubled marriage — is showing signs of strain. The odd couple, who have been sleeping “indivisibly” in a narrow double bed since Trump’s inauguration, may once again be getting tired of each other’s morning breath —… Read More »

Keating Applauds Trump’s Missiles

When they invaded Iraq Republicans turned the country into a failed state ISIS could move right into. But then Democrats repeated the same mistake in Libya and Syria. Fast forward to 2017. Many Democrats now recognize the mistake. But not William R. Keating, a slow learner who in my humble opinion needs a new job.… Read More »

MassDems Platform Changes

The 2013 Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform is not limited to concerns of the Commonwealth. The Preamble alone mentions immigration, infastructure, national defense, diplomacy, and multiculturalism. The “Ethics and Transparency” section calls for the overturn of Citizen’s United, for example. Delegates to the June 3rd state Convention in Worcester have an opportunity to send a message… Read More »

Support Rep. Cabral’s Legislation

Massachusetts Representative Antonio Cabral has written a bill (H.3033) that places limits on the use of state funds that can be used for the federal ICE program. Another bill (H.3034) prohibits sending prisoners out of state [for example, working on Donald Trump’s Great Mexican Wall]. Please send emails in support of Rep. Antonio F.D. Cabral’s… Read More »

ICE or Pol-ICE – Your Choice

They swarm the porch shouting “Police!” But it’s a lie. It sounds like something out of a totalitarian state, and it is — Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are allowed to lie to citizens — even impersonate police officers. But the real police don’t like it at all. It undermines trust and creates problems. And… Read More »

Support Bill … H.676

Bill Keating wants your money. In the last week alone I have received three or four appeals from the Democratic representative of the 9th Massachusetts Congressional District. In each is his “ask” — “support Bill.” Well, I would send this right back at Rep. Keating: Support Bill 676 — the Medicare for All Act. Rep.… Read More »