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2017 Dartmouth Town Election

Democracy is in decline — and it’s partly because some of us are reclining in our La-Z Boy chairs too damn much. If you’re a Dartmouth voter, press that lever on the side of the chair and it will propel you into an upright and standing position. From there walk or drive to your nearest… Read More »

What We Do Now

I received “What We Do Now” as a gift for making a contribution to Democracy for America (DFA). “What We Do Now” is 200+ pages containing 27 short essays or excerpts from speeches by a number of liberal politicians, activists and writers. They include VT Senator Bernie Sanders, who wrote about the six American banks… Read More »

Trump’s Weaponized Budget

Trump’s 2018 budget, says OMB Director Mick Mulvaney, is supposed to “send a message to our allies and our potential adversaries that this is a strong-power administration.” In fact weaponization of the budget is pretty much Trump’s only objective: “The core of my first Budget Blueprint is the rebuilding of our Nation’s military without adding… Read More »

Family History

Today’s remarks from Iowa’s unrepentant White Supremacist, Rep. Steve King, just underscores the difference between the GOP’s new proto-fascist vision for America — and the one engraved on the Statue of Liberty that celebrates a nation of immigrants. American history is not just the stories of heroes, sinners, and survivors — or tales of presidents,… Read More »

Cultural Revolution

Last May China celebrated — “tried to forget” might be more accurate — the fiftieth anniversary of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. The Cultural Revolution was little more than a murderous pogrom that took place from about 1966-1976. China’s true power elites stood aside and permitted the poor and angry to deflect blame on moderates… Read More »

Centrists still in charge

One theory was that last week’s election of a new DNC chairman was really a proxy race between the Clinton wing of the party and the Berniecrats. A majority of the delegates who elected the new chair were superdelegates in the 2016 primaries so it was not difficult to predict who would vote for Tom… Read More »

School Lunches on the Chopping Block

Last Thursday billionaire public education wrecker Betsy DeVos spoke to the Conservative Political Action Conference, a right-wing revival meeting at which all conservatives must declare their belief in Free Market Capitalism, Christian Shariah, and Death to Big Government. When it was her turn on stage, DeVos began by immediately trashing free school lunches: “I’m Betsy… Read More »

Foreign Policy

Now that we Americans have our own aspiring dictator, it’s easy to forget about all the other guys standing in front of their gold curtains surrounded by their generals. No one expects the Trump administration to do anything but admire and support these fellow strongmen — maybe it’s just professional courtesy — but let’s not… Read More »